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Sunday, 9 May 2010

So what's your view on Electoral Reform?

Really interesting discussion today on one of my favourite programmes The Big Questions on electoral reform. What it highlighted was the overwhelming sense of need for change, but real lack of clarity about what to change to. Richard Reeves of Demos, someone who has made a real impact in the think tank world in defining new debates on the centre-left, made a strong case for a referendum to allow people to decide how we reform our electoral system, a view I totally agree with. What remains an important part of the debate is what on earth will be on the referendum ballot paper. We are going to have to take a close look at what we think works in the current system which we should keep, such as geographical constituency links, and what doesn't work. Only then will we actually have a sensible vote for change that leads to a better outcome and a better method of managing our democracy. Take a look my column in Asian Voice next week for more on this.