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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nominate Seema Malhotra for Conference Arrangements Committee

Dear Constituency Member

I have been attending Labour Party conference for 20 years since I joined the party as a teenager. I am writing to ask you to consider nominating me at your next CLP meeting as a constituency representative on the Party’s Conference Arrangements Committee.

Nomination details have been sent to CLPs secretaries. CLPs can nominate up to two candidates. CLP delegates at conference will vote for two constituency representatives. Nominations must be received by the Compliance Unit of the Labour Party by June 24th 2011.

Not many members know about the work of this important committee that oversees organisation and debate at Annual Conference. Conference is and must remain our sovereign decision making body; when we really debate the issues that matter. It is when voters see Labour members speaking up for their communities and for Labour values. Debates at conference show voters what we stand for. Ordinary members must have their voices heard.

Conference will be vital in opposition to expose the betrayal of this Tory-led Government and the impact of their policies, while setting out a progressive and fair alternative that goes back to our roots. The engagement of members from across the UK will be critical, including the South where we lost many MPs and councillors, and the devolved administrations which see elections this year.
Our party is renewing itself. Through outstanding, informed debate at Conference we will show Britain we are ready for Government once again.

And to succeed, conference must be inclusive for delegates and visitors; all too often it is confusing especially for new members. I believe better communications are vital, and increased training and support for members and CLPs.

I bring wide experience as a CLP and union conference delegate. I have Party experience as a Constituency Chair, GC and EC member, and Labour candidate. I grew up in Hounslow, west London and have lived in the North and Midlands. I have campaigned across the country including in Scotland and Wales. I am a Unite union branch chair, active member of Coop Party, a former National Chair of the Fabian Society and Young Fabians. I founded and run the Fabian Women’s Network. I hope you will support me.

Please do feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Seema Malhotra
Twitter: @SeemaMalhotra1